A controller with E-gate Shop software is used to set, control and monitor opening and closing valve pin positions within 0.01mm, as well as velocities and accelerations. The controller is available in 8-zone and 16 zones configurations, each controlle can be ran indepandent. 






E-gate Benefits

The need to look beyond traditional valve technology is driven by new demands placed on precision molders for process improvement, consistency and sustainability.  The bar is being raised - today’s most demanding applications and molding environments have exposed the limitations of traditional valve gating. It has the following benefits:

 Improve gate quality and reduce blush in critical applications.

Eliminating surface defects by providing a controlled flow-front velocity

Ability to control knit lines

Improve cosmetic finish

Better tolerance

Increased part to part consistencies

“no maintenance systems” deliver the benefits of Plug n’ Play and more…

Quickest set-up & increased stability in process is achieved

Remote pin position adjustment

No hydraulic system = no leakage, no servicing,  no waiting for the hydraulic oil temperature to stabilize

Motor and Valve Pin can be quickly accessed without disassembling the Hot Half

Motor de-couples from valve pin

provides processors the ability to adjust the flow rate out of each nozzle gate at any time during the filling process

Individual control of valve pin speed and stroke provides independent flow rate adjustability at each nozzle

Provides independent control of up to 64 valve pins or the flexibility to synchronize all pins if desired

Advanced flow control capability provides processors a powerful new tool to optimize balance in multi-cavity and family molding

Ability to save and recall “recipes”

Incorrect pin position detected during injection molding cycle

Pin moves automatically to home position

Pin moves to correct open injection position immediately after home position

Pin moves closed position at the end of pack phase


E-gate applications

E-Gate's advanced capabilities are ideal for challenging applications that require superior part quality, and a stable process, making E-Gate the ideal solution for the following applications:

Premier Consumer and Electronics

Close tolerance parts

Family tools

Sequential and Cascade Molding

Applications with cosmetic surfaces

Multi-Shot / Multi-Material applications

“all electric” or clean-room environments

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