In 2000~2008,we took the pace of the molding design and management when the mold was still complete new in China,we learn the mold advanced acknowledge and concept from Weastern coutries then introduced into China.In this period,we involved the medical, electronic, home appliances, sanitary, automobile and other industries,covering double-color mold, multi cavity mold, precision mold, automobile mold design etc.

In 2009~2015,we concentrated on the hot-runner system marketing and molding solution consulation, we reached the fields of auto parts, electronics, medical, food, home appliances, sanitary, photoelectric, optics,in this jourey,we enjoyed with double-color molding, multi-color molding, precision injection molding, synflow multi-stage speed adjustable hot runner filling system, dynamic filling precision injection and ANSYS thermal analysis etc

The liquid silicone rubber step into industrilization after research and incubation in American and European Lab,we relealized it is good oppotunity benefit with the previous 15 years experience,so we venture the liquid silicone rubber moldflow software analysis,developed the electric pin vale gate for the cold runner system and applied some national level patents,nowadays,we make great achievement in the overmolding,double-color molding and micro molding of less than 1gram piece for liquid silicone rubber part,which already servies food, medical, auto parts, optoelectronics, optics, mother and baby, electronics, sanitary, kitchen etc industries……